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E#41: Protecting Yourself from Infections when Shopping-COVID-19/Coronavirus

This is a special episode to how to safely avoid the Coronavirus while shopping

How to Bring Home Food and Supplies Safely

(This is the core of the transcript from the podcast. The Intro has been removed and some areas improved for reading ease.)

Thank you Sandra Lavriviere-Penney for the idea to do this and Chris Robinson for his help in refining the system.

This is a summary of the key points of the video, however if you see the video, it should make better sense.

There are three phases to use in the process: The preparation phase, the shopping phase and the cleaning phase.


-most important of all phases because it makes the rest easy

-Set your car or your entrance to your home with a pre-cleaning area. I’m going to use a car trunk for an example.

1. Make a List of Essential Items you need, Get in and Out as fast as possible. The days of squeezing fresh melons are not the best thing to do right now.

2. Take a picture of the item you need if you are a guy and are somewhat incompetent and not sure what your wife wants you to get.

3. Supply for at 10 -14 days.

4. Think in terms of 8 areas when making your list:


Dry/Can goods,




Cleaning supplies (TP, soap etc.),

Personal Hygiene,


5. Choose Good Food/No Alcohol/Juices/Salty/Sugary- keep hydrated

6. Clean your Credit Card/Cash well before you go in, try not to expose your phone- use a zip lock bag or cellphane to protect it

7. Clear gloves or dog poop bags.

8. Box write what you need before you go in.


The Coronavirus stays on Cardboard/ Fabrics/Papers/Porous surfaces 1 day (24hrs)

Other Surfaces (Glass, countertops, plastic, stainless steel) 3 days or longer


  • If you have come from International Travel, Breaking the Law, stay home 14 Days

  • If you feel unwell or sick, have respiratory symptoms, Fever chills, etc.

  • Elderly avoid it, if you can’t have someone shop for you, then hopefully they special hours for the elderly. Look for local resources for help. Ask a trusted friend, some charitable organization to help you.

  • If you have a medical condition that means your immune system is compromised, especially if you are dealing with cancer, or are on significant medications like methotrexate, etc. that suppress your immune system. It’s not worth the chance.


Go in And Out as Fast as you can, but stay calm and keep the distance. Imagine everyone is a carrier. Don't be too anxious.

Keep your social distance-6 feet or 2 meters

Don’t touch your face,

You can wear gloves or clean your hands after

Go to a store that limit entry of people into the store if you can

As you enter, wipe the cart handles.

Wear your gloves. Take your grocery bags with you and your shopping list.

Leave your phone behind, take your grocery list in.

Paying Section

- Minimize the contact with others. 6 feet or 2 meters (Don’t give the cashiers rough time)

- Use your credit card nice easy ziplock


Cleaning Kit in the trunk.

Think that all the packing is covered in a thin film of mud or dust. Hands touching

If the box has been passed around, make sure you wipe it down. With an appropriate disinfectant. I recommend seeing the video to see how to handle different items.

Thank you for listening.

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