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E41: Protecting Yourself from Infections when Coronavirus/COVID-19

Shopping Made Safe in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

E40: What We Gain from the Coronavirus/COVID-19

Fear, Losses, Economy, Health, Gains...Uncertainty

E38: How My Smartphone is my Distractor

My Confession and Latest Struggle

E39: How to Prepare for the Coronavirus/COVID-19

Do's, Dont's and How to Think Through this

                     E37: How Childhood Affects Your

Self -Identity

More Questions Answered

           E 36:  Special Interview With


Dr. Ken Milne- Bat Doc, ER Doc, Educational Visionary & Humanitarian

The Host of SGEM (The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine) podcast 

E35: Nervous Talking about Sex?

                     E34: What to do on Valentine's Day?

A Perspective

                     E33: How to Condition Your


The Four Influencing Factors

                     E32: The 4D Prosperity Planner

A Better Way to Set Goals

                     E31: The Disgusting Patient

How Our Self Identity Shapes Us

                     E30: Balancing Tasks vs. Goal Setting vs. Being Present

                     E29: How Will You Get What You Want this Year?

                     E28: What Will You  Remember this Year

Closing the Year & Start Anew

           E 27:  Special Interview With


Roger Love- The World's #1 Voice Coach (The Hollywood Stars turn to him for Results)

How Your Voice is The Key Instrument for Connection

The  Interview that will 10X Your Influence

E26:  How to Give a Memorable & Impactful Presentation

Part IV:  Nerves & More

                     E20:  How to Overcome Boredom in Life

E25:  How to Give a Memorable & Impactful Presentation

Part III:  The Delivery

E24:  How to Give a Memorable & Impactful Presentation

Part II: Needs Assessment

E23:  How to Give a Memorable & Impactful Presentation

Part I: Goals

E22:  How to Improve Your Memory,

Influence & Communications

Via Storytelling

E20: How to Overcome Boredom

                     E21:  How to Optimize Your Workspace:

                                     The Do's and Don'ts

    E19:  Helping vs. Enabling People-

                       A Life Lesson

E18: When You are Asked for  Advice on Tough Decisions

Turn the Table to find the answer

    E17: How Golfing Makes You a Better                  Doctor, Nurse, Teacher

E16:  Accepting Change,             Moving Forward

The 1% Principle- Why We Struggle with Micro-changes 

            E15:  Special Interview With:


Dena Moitoso

Part 2:

How to Manage Grief, Death, Dying

and Suicide

            E14:  Special Interview With:


Dena Moitoso

Part 1:

How to Manage Grief, Death, Dying

and Suicide

           E13: Quality Friends Change Your Life

How to Create Growth Friends for Success 

           E12: Relationship Advice

                    You Should Know

The Five Love Languages

           E11:  Special Interview With:


Dr. John Crosby- The Kindly Country Quack

Wisdom, Insights and Opinions about Doctors, Work Hazards and Health Care

           E10:  The Best Morning Routine

For Work Play and Every Day!

             E9:  Part III 

Communicating With Patient

The Conclusion:

Concluding the Interview Effectively

           E8:  Part II 

Communicating With Patient

The Middle: Uncovering the

Issues with Questions

Frameworks, Introductions &

How to Start the Conversation

             E7:  Part I

Communicating With Patients

           E6:  Metaphors


Metaphors: Why they are Important, How to Use them to make Ideas & Behaviours Stick

           E5:  Special Interview With:


Mark Bowden- Voted #1 Body Language Professional in the World

Body Language Myths, Mistakes & Modifications

What You'll Learn Will Change the Way You Connect with People

Episode 4

Triggers: How to Implement  a New Habit and Emotional Triggers

Episode 3

The 4 Core Areas That Creates

Lasting Change or Impedes It

Episode 2

How to Easily Have More Energy, Presence, and be More Attentive with People, Patients and Loved Ones!

E1: Who is the Introverted Doctor?

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