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Special Interviews


 Hayley Wickenheiser: Hockey Legend, Olympian, Medical Student, Conquer COVID-19

           E 47:  Special Interview With


Dr. Ken Milne- The Host of SKEM (The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine) podcast 

a.k.a Batdoc

           E 36:  Special Interview With


Dena Moitoso

Part 1: How to Manage Grief, Death, Dying and Suicide

            E14:  Special Interview With:

            E15:  Special Interview With:


Dena Moitoso

Part 2: How to Manage Grief, Death, Dying and Suicide


Roger Love- The World's #1 Voice Coach (The Hollywood Stars turn to him for Results)

How Your Voice is The Key Instrument for Connection

The  Interview that will 10X Your Influence

           E 27:  Special Interview With


Dr. John Crosby- The Kindly Country Quack

Wisdom, Insights and Opinions about Doctors, Work Hazards and Health Care

           Episode 11:  Special Interview With:


Mark Bowden- Voted #1 Body Language Professional in the World

Body Language Myths, Mistakes & Modifications

What You'll Learn Will Change the Way You Connect with People

           Episode 5:  Special Interview With:


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