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  • Dr. Lalit Chawla

E#43: Decrease Worrying about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


This is a special episode to discuss how to conserve our energy because energy is also a contagion

Is there a way to combat worry?

(This is the core of the transcript from the podcast. The Intro has been removed and some areas improved for reading ease.)


My hope is that this episode will help you, and help us look at these times with some perspective. I would be honoured if you shared this with others in the hope that some of the things I talk about here help others. Never have we ever needed each other more than at the present time and especially to weed through the avalanche of information and the level of emotion that is coming down.

And right now in terms of the news and information, it's very interesting isn't in, There are two reasons people are engaged in this Corona news, firstly, they want to prepare, and second, it's fascinating to see what's happening. It's new, changing and has a huge impact.

But it can drain our energy if we are not careful because we have a constant stimulus. No one can deal with a continuous stimulus without taking time to pause and to take a break from it. For example, even if you have been laughing hysterically, you need a break to catch your breath.

Our energy, good or bad, is the most infectious of all.

Our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy at this time is the most important thing we need to be aware of right now. And I know you know this, but it's worth repeating, and that is that we are all responsible for our energy, but it's easy to forget. Our energy, good or bad, is the most infectious of all. Not only to others but to ourselves as well.

I know you know this, but if you're hanging around a person who is anxious or nervous or gossipy, you tend to fall into that trap easily, don't you? I know I certainly can if I'm not mindful of my thoughts.

And in a time where we have so much happening, we do need to do a few things consistently where we're taking time for ourselves and making sure we are mentally taking a break from all the tension we are consuming. If you're in healthcare, this is especially important because this can lead to significant burnout since we are dealing with so much, and I'm sure your families are also nervous for you too and for their health. And who can blame them?

Stick to routines that increase your energy and vitality. It's essential to have a morning routine now more than ever and even an evening routine to relax the mind, so you rest well.

Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, we need not to be overstimulated by a powerful anxious emotional contagion, and which is the news and people we see. It's also imperative to stick to routines that increase your energy and vitality. It's essential to have a morning routine now more than ever and even an evening routine to relax the mind, so you rest well. What do you do? Do you have one? I'd love to hear it.

If you've listened to the episode I did on this podcast about morning routines, you'll see how you can create your morning routine, and it's not hard but will change the way you live in the day. That is the most important new thing I've learned in my last decade. That episode is Episode 10.

We are creatures of habit, and we need to schedule things consistently. Now more than ever we have a situation where our mental energy is being directed to the drama, the excitement and the nervousness of the coronavirus. Because at one level, this is all very concerning, and we know it's affecting people worldwide economically, politically and individually. So that creates a lot of legitimate concern and uncertainty, which can lead to uncontrollable anxiety. And it's hard not to get pulled into the news and situation because we are very curious too and we need to get the right information. So I have a few tips that we should be doing consistently.

Make sure you are scheduling things in your daily routine that is lifting your spirts up. You've already know the knowledge of what's happening in the world is in your schedule. You need an antidote.

1. Are you doing things on a day-to-day basis that you love to do, and that gives you joy and excitement? You should always find ways to include laughter and joy in your daily routine. So I want you to ask yourself, what are those things that give you pleasure? And it is very often the simple things such as old photographs, memories, some comics, funny stuff, or a good friend that makes you laugh. Make sure you are scheduling this regularly. And right now decide when are you going to be doing this? And if you're in healthcare, it may not always be easy to do this, but make sure you schedule it in your week and day.

2. Be really mindful of the people you are talking to; because right now, it is so easy to be talking to people who or concerned, and they will heighten the conversation to this topic only. And let's face it for the majority of us; this is what is on our mind consciously or subconsciously 24/7. We have to be mindful of who where we are going to put our energies because if we stick with people who are excitedly nervous or anxious or curious, that's going to have a direct effect on our brain. And what happens in our mind affects our physical physiology. So take stock in that-this is a long term strategy.

I'm going to suggest a few fun activities you can do to create joy, and maybe it's something you can do.

  1. Have game time with your family or friends virtually or at home

  2. Take up a new hobby or something you've done or enjoyed in the past

  3. Watch some funny movies or shows

  4. Read a fiction book

  5. Read a non-fiction book

  6. Read comic books or funny books like The Far Side or Calvin and Hobbs

  7. Keep a journal of your day and practice a habit of that daily

  8. Send acts of kindness to people in your life daily, nothing changes an emotion than sending words of kindness to others

  9. Clean up and do things in your home that you've wanted to do and need to do. It gives a great sense of accomplishment

  10. Learn to do yoga, mediation and time to breathe

  11. Look at old photos of family and friends and vacations. That always brings a smile to my face

  12. Get reconnected to your faith

  13. Play or learn a new card game or chess

  14. Send some helping gesture to people who are in need at this time. There are a lot of vulnerable people that need our or your support.

  15. Listen to some music

  16. Listen to some podcasts

  17. Learn to cook or bake something new.

The list goes on. I'd love to hear your ideas. Remember, energy is a contagion, and we are responsible for our energy. The more we create the time and schedule it, the more we can elevate it, and that energy will help others.

Energy is also a contagion

I hope this served you. Please share this message with others, and if they walk away with one golden nugget or reminder, that might help it might change their energy and build them up.

May your family, friends and energy be at its peak.

Stay Calm, find daily joys and live with intention.

A shout out to all my colleague's nurses, doctors and allied health care professionals who are helping to keep society safe and healthy. And a shout out to all the beautiful people who are doing the right thing by social isolation, and connecting with others and helping the vulnerable people who could use our help right now. I'm Dr. Lalit Chawla and thank you for listening. May excellent health, happiness and magic grace you and your loved ones.

And if you like more podcast episodes that might serve you, please go to You can join the weekly email list, where I release the new episodes as a reminder. Have a great week!

This too Shall Pass. Stay Calm and Plan on

So in summary, take time to respect and take care of your own energy and others energy level. Be mindful, respectful, dial the anxiety down. Be calm to do things the right way. This situation will pass, so...

Stay calm and plan on.

May good health and happiness be with you and your family.


I would love to hear any comments about this podcast and what would you like to hear in future episodes?


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